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No Canadian content (or anything outside of the USA!)

The only information that seems to be available in this app is for the US only -please state this in the description - had I known that, I would not have purchased it. Otherwise, the interface is reasonably well done, hence the one star...it just does not meet the needs of a Canadian boater! Apple, where is your product testing at? You should have picked up on the fact that this app was solely US based! It should not be made available in the Canadian App Store!

No content

Looks great but no brithish columbia content. Dont spend your money if you are in Canada

Great tides app

Out of the several tide apps Ive used, the graphic representation of the tides with its mid-tide horizontal reference line is most useful. Solid app.

Super handy

Only thing Id love to see is ability to save locations, otherwise great app. Ability to move through tide change & see flow rate is invaluable.

Nice app

Does exactly what it claims to do. Very clear interface. Much easier than going to weather pages . Worth the money for beach dwellers.

Great app

Love the interface. Clean, clear and compact.

It keeps crashing

It crashes when I try to see the map and it doesnt have the river I looking for.


Well worth it! All the info that is hard to get online is right there for ya! Thanks!!

Great app

This app is awesome. We use it on the boat every time we fish. Great price, great app. Offline functions perfect. A must have app.

The best Tide App I have used.

I have used all the free apps and explored many of the paid apps. This is by far the best app I have seen. Simple interface, full featured and elegant. I highly recommend it.

Good product

Good app. Tables are easy to read. Owned for 1-2 years. Never had a problem.

Indispensable! iPhone and IPad

This app is the first thing I look at in the morning and I use it several times during the day. Accurate and easy to use even in foul weather.


I have a marina and use this app everyday

Good App

I use this app for surf and fishing. Easy to use and all the info and graphics you need.

Go-to app

I love this app. I live in Tampa and live life on the water. Sea Doo, Kayak, or Donzi, gotta know the tides. This app has been on my last 3 iPhones. Love it.

No current table on south shore long island

I bought this thing to get the current table for south shore Long Island. Unfortunately there is zero current tables here. I desperately needed Jones and Fire Island inlets. What a waste. There are plenty of free Tide apps that do more then this app. Im quite disappointed and hope they rectify this and be honest with customers by saying they only offer a few current tables. Dont Buy App!!!!

My bible

I use this app for surfing everyday. It is accurate and I can use it to find the best waves of the day.

Use every day!

This app is great. Tides vary from 6 to 10 feet in my area. Use this constantly in my boat. Find a tide station that works for you (put a little effort in folks) and you will be pleased. Im in the middle of no and where and it works fine.

Not Accurate

This app has caused several issues. And ruined fishing trips. Where I fish the right tide is the difference between water or dry land. We have 6 foot tides here in SC. I like to hunt fish on the shallow flats poling around in my skiff. We schedule trips around the tide. And several tomes after a 2 hour drive. We show up to the complete opposite tide than what this app stated:( Literally cost us hundreds in fuel cost! Spend a few dollars and get a better rated app. It will save you money in the long run.


Tides are off.

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